Cat j rig design

Cat j rig design

ALE 3000t load-out uses unique skidding system. ALE completed the load-out of the first 3000t CAT – J jack-up rig in July, using a unique skidding system especially designed for the project. Baker Hughes and Schlumberger will be awarded the contracts for integrated drilling and well services on the Cat J rigs Askepott and Askeladden.

The Cat J rig will be essential to the continued development of the Gullfaks field. Owned by the Gullfaks and Oseberg licences the Cat J jack-up rigs .

Cat J : En ny oppjekkbar rigg spesialdesignet for å operere i havdyp mellom og 1meter og borer ned til 10. En arbeidshest primært til bruk for boring og komplettering av produksjonsbrønner. Byggingen av Statoils to egenutviklede oppjekkbare rigger, CAT J , pågår for fullt. Askeladden og Askepott skal få ut all lønnsom olje fra Gullfaks- og Oseberg- feltene. The specially- designed category J rig is able to operate at water depths from to 1meters and drill wells down to 10meters.

According to Statoil, it will be a workhorse primarily for drilling and completion of production wells. It is a tailor-made jack-up rig for operations in harsh . Launching of Offshore Jackup Rig For the first time to the sea – Duration: 7:25.

Later the rig may be used for further developing the area in the Oseberg Future Development, phases and 3. The past four years the Gullfaks field has . Designed to work primarily for drilling and completion of production wells, the rig can operate at water depths from to 1m . The CJis a three legged cantilever type jack-up drilling rig which is part of the well-established GustoMSC CJ series. The series consists of seven distinct types for moderate and harsh environment designs. The CJis the largest unit in the series currently in operation and is driving the boundaries of jack-up territory . KCA Deutag will also be responsible for providing operations input into engineering design and supervising the construction of the Category J jack-up rigs. Each tailor-made rig will be owned by the Gullfaks and Oseberg licences and be specifically designed to operate on both surface and subsea wells.

This contract adopts . Innretningene eies av respektive lisenser. Gullfaks- lisensen er eier av enheten Askeladden, mens Oseberg-lisensen er eier av . Rig Design , GustoMSC CJ70-X150-ST CAT – J Mariner. Builder, Jurong Shipyard. Statoil Awards Samsung, KCA Deutag Cat J Contracts.

FIELD LOCATION North Sea, Norway. Water depth– to 1meters.

Drill Depth – Upto 10meters. By comparison the global oil recovery rate is around and in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), all the producers reach an average of. Stavanger-området, Norge. Technical evaluation leader for the ITT process for the Cat J rig. When the late Bob Rose was president and CEO of Diamond Offshore, he famously quipped that he envisioned the rig of the future being crewed with a man and a dog:.

Lloyd Noble in many respects went beyond the standard features of the CJand Cat J designs , he said. Both rig designs also incorporate dual-activity features for simultaneous operations on the drill floor and in the moonpool. Rig strategy to reduce drilling cost. Provide fit for purpose and efficient rig capacity to meet long term production targets on NCS. Development of the Oseberg Vestflanken involves an unmanned and remote- controlled wellhead platform with ten well slots.

Hull based on competition. A jack-up drilling rig , Cat – J , will be employed to perform the drilling activity. Plans for the field also include reusing two existing subsea wells. The wellhead platforms will be used for recovering both . Chevallier J and Turner L: “New Jacking System.

Forex jack up, the Luanda, has a yoke and pin type of jacking mechanism.